Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Christmas Desires.

Photograph from my flickr. 

I received a few requests asking to put up my christmas wish list.
So this sort of one of my fashionista blogs.. but not. If thats understandable?
Anyway, here are a few things i've kept in my mind this season.
Firstly, a pair of American Anglos.
I tried on a pair of ray bans, but they felt to small. I want bigger frames!
This gorgeous dress from asos!
The 'mustard' colour is something i would not usually go for, but as it is so beautiful its different and unique.
The perfect dress for an occasion like christmas!
Pink Hunter wellington boots!
My mama has a black pair of these, i am so jealous! I wish i had a pink pair all to myself so i can wear them in the snow.
I'm am addicted to oversized knitwear this season. There so comfortable and soft.
This pink and black jumper is from Topshop.
I have been looking for a plain heavy underskirt for many places.
My search is over as i have found one in american apparel, i prefer the white one but the photograph was to small to put on here.
59£ is a big whole in the wallet though....
Ever since i saw Vanessa Paradis modeling Chanel make up in my vogue magazine. I fell in love with the colour.
The lipstick is called Rouge by Coco Chanel.
This is not what i'm asking for, but what i am actually looking for.
I've had my Cath kidson bag for a year now for school, i feel like it's time to update it.
Constantly i've been looking at vintage Doctors bags and leather side bags.
I cannot find a nice one that is under 40£, A4 sized and a little wide so i can fit a wide books inside.

Well, now that you've seen my winter desires i would like to say something.
I will not be expecting these for christmas. This is what i would like, but all of this would come to quite a lot of money.
Most of these things i think i shall save up for and buy in the january sales.
I hope you have a Merry Christmas.

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  1. What a lovely list. ♥
    I want a pair of Hunter boots myself, too! Pink, please! <3

    Btw, don't laugh hahaha, but when I was like a little bit younger, I was really into that colourful mylittlepony hellokitty style and I was so obsessed with Rita Caetano's style and I found your myspace through hers and your pics were such an inspiration for me :D

    oxox e. ♥

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