Monday, 10 January 2011


I've just opened my own Polyvore account.
One of my best friends has one and she is addicted to it!
I signed up a few months ago to view her collages but i never got round to exploring the site, creating my own pieces.
Now i have finally activated, you can add me if you wish to.
So far i have only made two little posts.
My first mini design. This outfit is dedicated to the main subject, the Valentino dress.
I want to add a small splash of colour by adding Yves Saint Laurent heels and a matching red bow.
The Bottega Veneta clutch is so adorable next to the dress. It reminds me of Alexander Mcqueen clutches.
Of course, lastly i added a pair of nerdy glasses to change the look a little, but they can be worn without.
The lyrics are from my favourite band Arcade Fire, the song is called The Crown Of Love.
I saw them play live on the 3rd December, it has most defiantly been the best night i have ever had.
Anyway, back to subject. My other outfit!

Miu miu, one of my favourite clothing brands.
I added this jeweled closure dress and glitter brogues together considering they fitted so perfectly.
This Rebecca Minkoff bag goes nicely with the miu miu dress as it is a very similar colour to the seems and edges of the dress.
Tarino Tarantino's jewelry is so gorgeous and unique! I couldn't help but add one of her flower clips to this outfit!
It wasn't my intention to add a polaroid, but while i was browsing i found it and thought it was rather sweet. The image and effect relates to the outfit that i chose.

Please do comment your links below if you have a Polyvore!


  1. Ahhhhh, libsss i love the Valentino dress, It's sooo Beautiful
    'elegant' :')

    You know the writing you have on there,
    did you use photoshop for the writing? i wantt that fontt!

  2. The writing of the lyrics?
    I don't know sorry, it was on polyvore. >:)

  3. I looove polyvore! I'm like, addicted to it. My mum says it's like playing paper dollies ...

    Anyway, here's mine ;

  4. Makes me want a polyvore xD <3