Friday, 11 February 2011

Polyvore: Festival wear

Every year I go to a festival or two in the summer.
I tend to go to Lovebox Weekender with my parents.
Every year I have a last minute wardrobe nightmare.
This time i'm planning ahead, i thought of a couple of ideas of outfits to wear.


Festival '11

 'Grunge' inspired.
I'm in love with cross jewelry and scuffed clothing at the moment, it's so trashy yet stylish.
This outfit would be great for spring / summer if your not really the bright and colourful type.
Everything I picked is rather plain but works so well together.


Lace / pearls / flowers / gold.
Lace and frills are such gorgeous textures throughout any season.
I love everything about this, the hunter boots are always a must have for festivals.
Although, i wouldn't wear the jewelry with it, they seem a little too heavy to wear for the summer. I'd just add a few of the pearl bracelets on my arms instead.

Well thats my personal view on festival wear.
Leave me a comment telling me what you would wear to a festival.

The sets i made on polyvore -

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  1. I love #2 c: but they're all nice.
    I can't believe how many bands you've seen!