Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Fashion Week: House of Holland Autumn 2011

I have been following Henry Holland for some time now on twitter, I am always amused by his tweets and his photographs he uploads. I have recently become quite attached to his work, I feel the urge to go ski-ing just so I can wear a ski suit he designed by roxy.
Here are some photographs I picked out from his Autumn Winter collection.
I love the clash of colours and textures that have been used.
The make up is very subtle. Right until you reach the lips, the centre of the subject on the face. The red shade matches each outfit perfectly!
I adore the pink suit, it reminds me of the DKNY 2008 collection with the cropped jacket and skirt.
What I love most about this outfit, it looks almost like the vest is a silk nightgown, the nude lace around the seam is a total give away, but I could be wrong. Either way the stylist done a lovely job pairing everything together, especially the fashion tights and the striped socks.

The cream pearl knit fabric is gorgeous when matched with the checked fabric, it reminds me of something you could wear in the midlands somewhere, it just gives me that vibe which in some ways I kinda like it.
The thin brown leather belt shapes the cut of the dress, and brings out the colours of the checked pattern, making the orange strips brighter against the camel tone. Also the socks make the whole outfit appeal brighter.

This piece is my favourite out of the collection this fall. The pattern on the dress reminds me of vintage scarfs you find in boxes at jumble sales.
The silk blouse that is worn underneath adds more flow to the dress.
Everything about this is beautiful, i would wear this outfit day and night.

Last christmas my nannie brought me a henry holland brooch, it had little charms hanging off the pin, it had a horse, eiffel tower, a heart and a H sign!

Have a lovely day my beautiful viewers.

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