Monday, 21 February 2011

Fashion Week: Jeremy Scott 2011

Jeremy Scott, you have blown me away! To me, personally, his collection pieces have inspired me to start wearing bright bold colours again.
Firstly, I must talk about the hair and the makeup. Without the high pony tails bursting with strands of colour, I would say I would not appeal to the clothing as much.
The make up was done by one of my favourite brands, MAC! They make the eyes of the models really stand out and add contrast!
See? I would not pick the electric orange hair with the neon blue yellow and a tiny brush of green. Yet, it all fits perfectly together.

Ever since i caught my eye on Rodarte's collection with the huge oversized spider web knit outfits i have become obsessed with knit wear.
This skeleton knit jumper is so adorable, the pink is so bright and bubbly, but the skeleton pattern gives the pink a different relation as the skeleton is rather rebellious.

I may be giving myself a bad influence with this dress as there are hundreds of colourful pills piled on top of eachother.
But i feel as if you could wear this dress with anything! There is such a wide range of colours. I mostly love the fact the stylist has paired the orange fluffy stripper heel with the dress, it couldn't match any better!

This raincoat zipper dress is an absolute treasure! The colours, textures and not to mention the small added extras, the collar, zips and pockets. But what i am drooling over is the red glitter heels. They are so adorable, they remind me of the red shoes of the wizard of oz.

What is your favourite piece?


  1. I have a week off school, too! What a great timing, huh? :D
    This collection is awesome. I love bold colour and I used to wear the craziest combinations, but lately I mostly just wear black/beige/gray/pink haha. I'm so boring! This is really inspiring, though :)


  2. I reallllyyyy love that pinkk knitt wear <3
    loveeee youuuu leeebsss xx