Friday, 23 September 2011

Fashion Week : LFW Spring Summer 2012

It's so upsetting to know London Fashion Week is so close to where I live and that I didn't see anything going on throughout the week.
Either way I'm happy to be snuggled up in a pair of CyberJammies while watching each runway show online.
There were so many breathe taking collections.
Anyway, Here are my favourite highlights of LFW.

Ashish S/S 2012
Sweet sugars. I cannot explain my love for this collection. From sunflower prints to flowers woven into boot laces.
There is not one thing I can deny about this collection.
I especially adore the long slim white powder dress with the pixellated roses printed on layered with sequins. The low cut at the back makes the dress possible my favourite piece of clothing ever, perhaps because I love floral patterns too. I can only dream to own a dress like that though. *drools.*

Erdem S/S 2012
First things first, as soon as I saw a one piece swimsuit instantly I knew that this collection would hit the top of my list. I adore one piece swimsuits so much, I personally think they are such a classic piece. You can wear them to the beach or add a flowy knee cut skirt and wear it on a day out.
Next the clear thick rimmed sunglasses with an added lace / doily pattern. Oh my, I'm in love. Those sunglasses are so big and flamboyant. They match perfectly with a red lip stainer.
Lastly, aside from all the floral fabrics I could talk about for hours, the wrist length gloves really caught my eye. They remind me of my nanny. I have some of her embroidered cloths she used to sew, and those selection of gloves reminded me of them. I think I may have to make a DIY pair of those in the upcoming spring.

Meadham Kirchhoff S/S 2012
I feel like Betsy Johnson and Vivienne Westwood have collaborated and secretly took over this collection.
I feel like words cannot explain how extraordinary and fantastique I felt once seeing these photographs taken by my favourite photographer, Saga Sig.
The pastel coloured hair reminds me of cotton candy, it looks so delicious.
I love the way they've put silk night dresses and colourful fur coats together, the clash together perfectly.
I feel like this is was just an experiment by throwing everything from the corner together and its turned into a masterpiece. I'm speechless. It's just too beautiful.

I've seen so many amazing collections.
By far my favourite I've ever seen in my sixteen years.
I'm looking forward to watching Fashion week in Milan next and then Paris!

Photos used from all over the internet. From Vogue and Saga Sig.

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