Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Christmas wishlist 2011.

Last year I posted a blog about items I wanted to receive for christmas.
It turns out that post is one of the most popular posts of all time on my blog. I guess many people liked it.
So why not do another one?

First things first before I begin to drool over my wishlist. I definitely know that I will not be receive all these items, this is just an inspirational wish list. I am very grateful for what I do receive!

1. YSL Oval Artsy ring

This ring is so unique and will never date! I could wear it everything as it's such a crazy piece!

2. Pink Miu Miu Silk Swallow platforms

You can't go wrong with a pair of Miu Mius! Although these are last collection I found a website that still sells pair. These are on the top of my list! So gorgeous it's unreal!

3. Topshop Floral Dressing Gown

It's going to be a cold winter and what more could you need from a dressing gown? It looks so fluffy and cosy!

What do you wish for christmas?


  1. Is never too early to make the christmas list right? Ok. I want a vintage gold casio watch... mmm.. any chelsea boots... a trip to nyc... too much to ask?? haah i could go for agesssss!!


  2. I have the arty ring and it is my favourite piece of jewellery!!! Hopefully you get everything you want! I really want some amazing shoes, and clothes of course haha :) xx
    Imogen x


  3. Heyyy! Cute blog!
    Just a little tip... with your fake YSL ring, just paint it with clear nail varnish and it stays gold forever!
    Also the Miu Mius, you can get a fake pair on ebay here


  4. Awh that's the watch you bought me ! Which I love love love looooove by the way, thanks to you & Dee! It's so beautiful, I wear it everyday !