Sunday, 18 December 2011

Artistic side: Summer Identity Project

This summer my college gave all the art students a project to achieve over the holidays. The project was inspired my Joseph Cornell, he created small boxes filled with objects that represents yourself.
Joseph Cornell, The Hotel Eden, 1945.
After browsing through Cornells website, I didn't want to create just a box and fill it with objects, Its not who I am. I wanted the box to be exactly how I would intemperate.
(It's a bit bashed about and the paint has begun to peel) 
So I started out with a Converse shoe box and layered on a few coats of matte white paint. I picked white as I tend to start out with this colour when working with any project. White is clean and simple, it's an easy starting point. Next I painted a couple of roses on the front, I also cut some out and stuck them on. Roses are my favourite, I love the colour and the smell of them. 
Inside I stuck some vintage french wallpaper that was given to me. I love the minty green and the white leaves, it's so pretty! I added a rail on the inside of the box.
I then got my old pink barbie hangers and cut out some tee shirt shapes on flimsy plastic. I sewed the tee shirts together and placed photographs of my favourite objects inside. I then hung them up so it looked like a little wardrobe.  
(All these photographs were taken by me apart from the Cindy Sherman photo)
 From left to right on each row: Fujica film camera / Vintage rose tea cups / Arcade Fire album / Cindy Sherman / Rose / Sewing spools / Glasses / Drawing pens / Fashion books / Jewellery / Print screen of my blog  
(All these photographs were taken by me apart from the photograph of Tim Walker and Alexander Lee Mcqueen)
 From left to right on each row: Film roll / Strawberries / A Single Man film / Tim Walker / Pink bird / Sewing machine / Phone and headphones / Alexander Lee Mcqueen / Lula magazine / Hair accessories / Macbook keyboard

My project was completely different to everyone elses, but it sums me up pretty well as I've collaborated fashion and photography, followed by my favourite things in the tee shirts! 
 Whats your favourite things? 

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