Thursday, 2 February 2012

Valentino Haute Couture Spring 2012.

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I am blown away with the amount of sheer floral maxi dresses, WITH SLEEVES! I'm a sucker for dresses with long sleeves. I am downright impressed with this collection. I feel that the designs are very plain and simple but the fabric and pattern manage to create that sophisticated look, and it has worked very well.
My eyes could not lay off the lace loafer slipper that appeared, they are so beautiful and I adore that the lace fabric has been placed of the heel of the slipper too. My last love and dedication to this collection was the simple loose pony tail with thin ribbon that held it together.
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  1. I awarded you a cute blog award on my blog ! :)

  2. I seriously adore these dresses and loafers. They are very unique and stylish. It's such an inspiring collection.

    Christina @ Mens Shoes