Monday, 19 March 2012

DIY: Pattern Heart Collar.

This is a really simple DIY collar, anyone can achieve a great outcome!
All you need is:
- A collar
- Acrylic paint
- Paint brush
- Card / Acetate paper
- Cut out shape or pencil and scissors!
Firstly cut your collar off your shirt/blouse along the stitched line. Make sure you cut low enough to keep the button!
Next, choose your paint colour, I chose a dark blue because it contrasts nicely against a lot of my clothes in my wardrobe. Acrylic paint is best because it doesn't wash off.

With a shape cutter or using a pencil cut out your shape on a piece of card of acetate paper. Something durable that won't soak up the paint. I used a heart shape cutter.
Then fold out your collar and place the template shape onto the collar and start dabbing with a paint brush! Add a small amount of water onto the brush but don't over do it! You want the paint to be thick!
I tried my first shape on the inside of the collar just to make sure the shape worked out nicely and the paint didn't spread on the fabric.
Repeat the steps until you are happy with the amount of shapes on your collar! I decided to paint the hearts on at different angles!
Then Voila! A cute collar that can be worn with a knitted jumper, printed tee or even a bodice! You can try this collar by using different shapes such as stars or bows, you can also play around with different colours, it's a really easy technique that can be worn over and over again!

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  1. omg that is super adorable! detachable collars are the best... thanks for sharing this! x

  2. Aw that's so cute! I love collars :)
    Love your outfit too!

  3. Cuteee!
    I was gunna make some collars but i never got around to doing it, and i think i've chucked away all my school shirts 'dayum :(

  4. This is an AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGG DIY!!! I want to try this out now, I hope I have these supplies lying around!

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  5. what a cute added touch! xx