Sunday, 11 March 2012

Fashion Week Round ups: Ready To Wear Fall 2012.

This month I haven't updated my blog every time I watched a show online involving with either Milan, New York, London or Paris Fashion Week.

And I apologise, because I do in fact love to write about my opinions and interpretations towards a collection.

But I have finally picked out a few of my favourites, which was incredibly hard to nail it down to a few.

Karen Walker Ready to Wear Fall 2012

A consistency of plaid tailoring and splashes of colours.

I adore the collaborations of navy and gold, my two favourite colours for fall. However I definitely shall be added a vibrant bold colour to an outfit with a pair of shoes, bag or maybe just even a scarf.

I simple adore the third outfit I've chosen, creating an outfit of similar colour and adding different textures and patterns throughout to make a statement.

Michael Kors Ready to Wear Fall 2012

A large selection of fishing cable have been used across this collection. Which I rather like if I say so myself. Fall is all about simple tailored suits and dresses followed with chunky knits, this has ticked my boxes all the way! I adore the added black accessories that have been put together with the pattern of the fabric. It's not easy to pair up items with this texture but it has been chosen well. The simple black buckled belts and the leather clogs inspired shoes which I am drooling over to own a pair.

Mr. Kors has created three beautiful gowns containing such small detailing of beads that have been spread all over the fabric, I had to pick out the ruby red gown because I adored the gathering at the neck line and by the hips.

Jill Stuart Ready to Wear Fall 2012

Jill Stuart has made me look at balloon skirts and sheer cutouts a different way I would never look at again. These simple outfits are a piece of art, the shape and physique these pieces have created are extraordinary, I am overwhelmed at how much I have fallen in love with something to clean and fresh! No large accessories are provided with these looks, otherwise it would take away the flawless detailing and pattern on the fabrics.

Dolce And Gabbana Ready to Wear Fall 2012

Religious use of fabric takes a new level.

I instantly feel like these simple embroidery and lace dresses deserve to be worn by ancient royalty. This vibe that this collection has given me is weird and wonderful. I am blown away by how much of my favourite things have been involved in these outfits. Words cannot explain my passion for this collection and I really don't know how to write my feelings. But lets just say the doctors bag, velvet shoes, frilly socks, embroidery, lace, tulle, golden embroidery, clutches, jewellery, lingerie and everything else that proudly walked down that runway is my favourite of all time.

I hope one day I can come back and rewrite this in a way I could possibly explain my 16 year old self that is overly excited about this.

Temperley London Ready to Wear Fall 2012

With bursts of pattern and colour, I must say I'm in love with maxi dresses all over again. Long skirts and maxi dresses compliment the design and fabric entirely through an outfit. I adore the mesh type of fabric that has been involved with making these outfits, It adds so much detailing to the pieces. The accessories that have been shown in this collection have been chosen reasonably well, I find it's rather hard to match statement pieces to an outfit that has a large amount of bright colour or a large pattern. But the large hair accessories and fur hats seem to stitch the outfits together, I'm in love! And I'm going to make one of those 'medal' type belts that have been paired with the maxi dresses.

Topshop Unique Ready to Wear Fall 2012

This season Topshop has managed to accommodate a selection of military inspired pieces. The use of green shades and black platforms and boots. I shall definitely be including a pair of black lace up platform boots to my wardrobe. I adored the simple layering that has been used, the small 'underwear' type bodices and playsuits become a perfect statement when wearing an oversized coat on top. These looks can easily be accomplished for day wear, Topshop have definitely managed to work this look and it has become a perfect outfit when paired with a large bag.

I can not explain my love for velvet trousers and satin blouses paired together, I cannot tolerate how great it looks.

Chanel Ready to Wear Fall 2012

Yet again, Karl Lagerfeld has managed to blow us away with another successful collection. The variety of strong tones have managed to settle nicely together. The palette of purples and reds have definitely been chosen correctly, I adore the colours against the tweed-like wool fabric. I say that just little detail can make an outfit a completely different concept. Just the hems, pockets and bobble fabric have created entire different outfits and I'm in love with each and every piece. Even the stick on bead eyebrows and the crystal surroundings are a major plus to the collection.

Kanye West Ready to Wear Fall 2012

Mr. West has real confidence in creating a second collection that took place in Paris. After a few rude comments took place on his first collection, his fall collection has taken a huge step, what a massive improvement that has appeared on the catwalk!

I adore the collaborations of leather and sheer, I have never been so more excited to wear my leather jacket with a sheer black blouse! West has certainly hit spot on for the 'rocker biker chic' look, everything seems to have been put nicely together, including the panda eye makeup and statement choker necklaces. Even the two outfits that contained a piece of camel tone went down well with the rest of the atmosphere the outfits created.

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  1. Lovely fashion week coverage with some amazing photos!

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