Thursday, 22 March 2012

Fifi Lapin for Juicy Couture.

I can't believe it! I won my second competition ever! And they've both been in the space of a month!
I've been a fan of Fifi Lapin for a while now, I love following her blog!
A couple of weeks ago Juicy Couture sent her some goodies from their collaboration.
I entered the competition and I actually got picked!
I received the prize within 3 days!
My mama woke me up this morning and called me downstairs, she got all excited when I opened the package.
I got a Juicy Couture Bag and necklace, A Fifi Lapin for Juicy Couture scarf and keyring!
I'm so in love! I'm very honoured and grateful to get picked, so thankyou!
The package is gorgeous too! Everything came in a large bright pink Juicy Couture box, the scarf came in a Juicy bag and the necklace came in a little draw string Juicy bag.


  1. i love that outfit! hyped it on lookbook. <3 oh and i am following! would you mind visiting my blog as well?