Wednesday, 25 April 2012

DIY: Spike Headband

Heres a really quick simple and easy do it yourself!
A couple of years back Givenchy created studded headbands and they looked so fierce and stylish. I thought it would be a great idea to make my own.

You will need:
- A headband. (Mines 12cm black satin)
- Glue gun or strong craft glue.
- Chalk.
- A ruler.
- Studs. (I bought 20mm)

Firstly try on your headband and hold one of the studs in place from where you would like the pattern to start, Mark the headband with a piece of chalk then measure how far apart you want the studs. I measured my studs about 3cm apart, mark with a piece of chalk.
Don't worry if you mark it out wrong, chalk wipes off easily!

Next your going to apply a pea sized blob of glue under the stud. If your studs don't have hole underneath then I suggest applying a little less glue. Stick the stud over the chalk mark and wait half a minute till the glue has properly set. Then repeat with each stud until you're happy with your outcome.
I recommend a satin headband as the fabric absorbs the glue and gives it a stronger support.

The Voila! One really quick and easy spike headband!


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  2. I absolutely agree with the description of the headband of 'fierce and stylish'. Nice DIY and I like your shorts.

    The Undercover Dress-Up Lover x

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  4. beautiful outfit and great tutorial

  5. Ohh so simple! i always wanted a headband like that!! Just have to get the spikes now!