Monday, 16 April 2012

Purchases 101.

I am in no condition to step out in front of the camera lens. It's such a shame not being able to take outfit photographs for a while. My skin is currently cracked and flamed up, but it's all part of my process towards getting rid of my scars on my face. hooray!
I thought I'd post a few photographs of items I have bought over my two weeks off. I've never really put a post up before on my latest purchases. So here is my first one!

Pastel glass beads in a 10p pile of jewellery in a charity shop.

Black and gold clip on earrings - 1 pound from a charity shop.

Jesus bracelet - 99p from a market stall.
I'm not religious but I've wanted one of these bracelets for ages now! They're sold in Topshop for eight pounds a pair.

Paisley tie - 50p from a charity shop.
I bought this tie because I adore paisley! I cut out a rectangle and made a simple bow, I love wearing bows above high pony tails!

Original Levis - 17 pounds from eBay.
I've been wanting a pair of dusty pink Levis for a while now, I had barely any hope left till I found these babies on eBay and won the bid! The gold studs on the back are a major plus!

Self Service Magazine - 20 euros from Spitafields newsagents.
I'm in love with this magazine, it's practically a book! Daphne Groeneveld is currently my favourite model and I just had to have it!

So those are my finds over these past two weeks!
I also bought a cute Pins and Needles dress and belt but I think I'll save it for my next outfit post.
Have you bought anything interesting recently?


  1. I freaking love your hair! You look so amazing in those Levi's and I really like all your lovely vintage finds :)
    Bows above high ponytails sound amazing - I'm so wearing that tomorrow! :)


  3. love those denim shorts! xx