Wednesday, 4 July 2012

DIY: Ombre Dip Dye Nails.

From a popular request on my Instagram, I decided to make a how to create your own ombre dip dye nail art.
I apologise for the strange exposure and unfocused-ness on my camera, I don't understand why it kept playing up.


What you will need:
- A dark nail varnish
- A clear nail varnish
- An old paint brush or nail brush
- Old piece of card (optional)

Before you start, you can apply a base coat rather than applying straight onto bare nails, this is optional. I suggest a light neutral colour that will match nicely with your chosen dark colour.
Firstly, apply a thick layer of clear nail varnish on half of your nail or however much of your nail you want the ombre to take effect. Then apply a small blob of your dark nail varnish on the tip of your nail. Make sure you apply the nail colour quickly while the clear is still wet.

Take your brush and gently spread out the dark nail colour and brush it down, merging it with the clear nail varnish. The colour should combine and create a light softer colour to the original dark nail colour.

Next, with your dark nail colour, place a coat on the top of your nail (like a french manicure) and use the brush to blend in the colour with the lighter part of the nail varnish. Repeat this step if needed, I repeated this step on a couple of nails to ensure a fuller ombre effect.

Then your done!
Don't forget to wash your brushes with nail varnish remover!

The first time I tried it with purple nail varnish.
Instagram: Libertygeorgina

Sorry for my terrible tutorial, It's not easy explaining how to paint your nails, I hope to share more in the future!


  1. Amazing! Such a clever idea doing it with a brush while most people use a sponge... I think I'm too clumsy for either option though :P

  2. Simply gorgeous! Romantic and timeless and those blossoms! Delighted to be a part of this, thank you so much.