Friday, 27 July 2012

Turkish photo diary

1: Apple Tea / 2: Turkish Delight / 3: Tomato Crates / 4: Turkish Tea / 5: Boats / 6: Lake / 7: Random building blocks / 8: Calis Beach /  9: 12 Island / 10: Fethiye / 11: Oranges / 12: Banana Trees / 13: Giant watermelon / 14-16: Mountain Sunsets
For eight days mama and I spent a relaxing holiday on Calis Beach by Fethiye in Western Turkey. I have never gone any further than Italy before in Europe, so heading to Turkey felt like a completely different surrounding and culture that I'd become used to in other countries I've visited.
It was beautiful, but too hot! The weather was around 50 degrees celsius which was unfortunate considering it was to hot to go out and look at beautiful landmarks and discover the city. Instead we chilled by the pool for the day, and then in the evening I would go for a swim in the mediterranean sea and watch the sun go down. The sea was literally a bath, it was so warm and clear at night.
We did manage to visit the huge markets in the mornings that consisted of mountains of fruit and vegetables and gorgeous handmade fabric decorations. I even got to sit in the passenger seat of a dolmus on the way back!
I hope to go back again to visit the ruined city and view more landmarks. And eat more delicious food which I didn't happen to take any photographs of, it's a vegetarians paradise!

My highlight of the holiday definitely was eating Eastern Turkish food in an outside restaurant while listening the Mosques in the distance calling to prayer. The food was also delicious, hot vegetable tagine and mulberry juice.


  1. Amazing photos, looks lovely xx

  2. Wow these pictures look so beautiful! Looks like you had a fantastic time :)

  3. Thanks for the London tips!

    I visited Olu Deniz - just over the mountain from Fethiye - two years ago. It's so beautiful around there, I really want to go back soon.

    Lovely post!

    Emma x