Monday, 27 August 2012

Late Seventeenth!

I spent my lovely birthday in France with friends, We went to a gallery called Les Abattoirs in Toulouse to see the exhibition La Vie Des Formes. It was a lovely day viewing different rooms each filled with thematic illustrations, drawings, installations, sculptures, films or books.
I posted a great a few photographs on my instagram: LibertyGeorgina , but I also took some shots on my film camera, which I shall post a photo diary of once I've finished the film roll.

Dress: Vintage / Socks: Topshop / Bag: Cath Kidston / Shoes: Topshop

A better photograph of my outfit while in Yayoi Kusama; Dots Obsession room.

Here are some of my gifts I received for my birthday that I adore!


1: Camera and spacer Pandorm charm from Nannie
2: Bird necklace from my Aunt
3. 'Chanel' bag from Mama
4. Tweed coat from Papa
5. Vintage mannequin hand from Mama
6. Chanel four eyeshadow compact and nail varnish from Mama
7. My watch altered and fixed
8. Rose Lumen print by a local artist from Mama (I need to hang it up and blog about it)

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  1. i love the chanel bag! oh and your outfit of course! happy belated birthday!! xx