Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Red Feathers

Sleeveless sweater: Miu Miu / Dress: Topshop

Autumn has approached! And what better way to spend it by embracing the weather in your outfit? I feel like red is a daring colour to wear, but recently I received this gorgeous Miu Miu sleeveless sweater from my mamas friend and I absolutely love it! Its so soft and cosy, it is definitely a key piece to my autumn wardrobe!
Also, considering it's raining today, perhaps I'll throw my heels off and put on my doctor martens instead?! 

(New blogpost next week of my favourites from each fashion week!)


  1. Beautiful outfit :) It's so awesome you these amazing vintage pieces. I'd do anything to get some vintage Miu Miu, or Chanel! :D

    1. Thankyou! :)
      Just befriend ladies with amazing fashion and they're bound to hand you down some gorgeous bits! :)

  2. Very cute :3 Where are the shoes from?