Wednesday, 21 November 2012

DIY: Miu Miu Embelished Socks

Finally, I have completed my Miu Miu inspired embelished socks!
I remember I started about a year ago, then I gave up and threw them in my failure box. They've been left there for months until August.
I managed to finish them and wear them when I visited London College of Fashion!
But anyway, this is a DIY post so you can make your own!
There isn't really any instructions, this just requires time and patence.
(putting on a film that isn't subtitled and sew away!)

I based my pair of socks on black, bronze, gold, cream and white colours to match my cream socks.
I would suggest picking a neutral colour to start off with, and add darker shades throughout the process.

 What you will need:
- Cable knit socks
- Matching thread and needle
- Dark collection of sequins
- Light collection of sequins
- Pearls of different sizes
- Small beads
- Cardboard

With the cardboard, cut a long slim piece as a structure to hold the sock in place. Make sure the sock stretches around the cardboard but don't let it stretch to much! This is just an easier way to sew the embellishments on.
After every four or five embellishments, secure the thread by sewing on a bit of cotton on the sock and cut the thread, get a new piece of thread and continue. I did this incase the thread broke so they wouldn't all fall off at once! 

I started out in one large cluster on the top, and started to sew random smaller clusters below. The best way is to just sew and create shapes as you go along! I managed to shift my way around and added a few small clusters and lines on the back of the socks.
I didn't want to sew near the ankle incase I would wear them with ankle boots.
Don't worry to much about the mismatching pattern of a certain sequin not aligning a certain bead, just have fun with sewing them on! Don't go to crazy on creating a duplicate detail on the other sock.

Original Miu Miu Socks:

Blouse: Secondhand / Cardigan: Hennes and Mauritz / Skirt: Forever 21 / Pearls: Secondhand / Shoes: Topshop / Socks: DIY'ed!

I hope you enjoyed my unhelpful tutorial... Send me some photos if you've tried this amazing technique out, even if it's on a pair of calf socks or gloves! I'd love to see them!


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  2. Wow, they're lovely :)! Going to try and have the patience to make my own xx

  3. This DIY is wonderful, I have to try this!

  4. So pretty libby!
    So clever how you do this, well done :)
    I may give it ago sometime!
    -Natalie H :) x

  5. Such a wonderful look!)
    I love your DIYs)

    Check out my DIY ideas too in my blog)
    Maybe we can follow each other?:)

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    1. Thankyou!
      And thank you all for such positive feedback! xxx

  7. hi dears! doing a giveaway for my DIY creations ;) feel free to join! would appreciate feedback on my work