Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Christmas Wishlist (ish)

Every year I always make a blog post for my christmas desires.
Although this year, my parents already bought me a Fashion Photography workshop up in London (photos soon) and I've asked for driving lessons.
So I could not deal with asking for anything else, this post is more like 'what I'd like to save up for and buy through 2013' wish list.

H&M Glitter Bra - I am absoloutely in love with lingerie, and when I saw this I knew I had to have it one day.
Miu Miu Handbag - I'd love a little pastel inspired handbag similar to the Miu Miu Spring Summer Limited Edition. One that will fit my SLR camera inside and a lipstick! I think I may have to DIY something to achieve this beautiful outcome.
Mademoiselle Coco Chanel Perfume - I've never owned a Chanel perfume before, and this particular scent is my favourite out of their collection.
Pastel Pashley Ladies Bicycle - Next year when I move to university I'd love to have a pastel bike with a basket on the front to get around. Perhaps not a Pashley bike. I'm on the search for the perfect second hand bike to spray pastel pink!
Mini white lace Mod Dress - Long wide floaty sleeves is something I am craving for in my wardrobe. Keeping my eyes out for a vintage mini white/cream/pink dress /pattern with wide sleeves for spring. 
Infinite Ring - Ever since I joined Tumblr these rings pop out everywhere, they are so simple and perfect.
Liberty Print Suitcase - I have been looking for a small overnight suitcase in a cream colour. However, this one is Liberty print, which speaks for itself. Who wouldn't want a Liberty print item?
If You Get Hurt Poster - I bought this for myself in the cyber monday sale. This print was made by a fan from the online community 'Nerdfighteria'. One of the two brothers who created this community is a fictional writer, John Green. He has become one of my favourite authors, this print is a quote from his book ' The Fault in Our Stars'.

So most of these items are something that I would like to buy similarly too or a second hand version of to DIY myself.
What are you asking for Christmas?
Happy Holidays!

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