Sunday, 9 December 2012

DIY Pearl Ribbon Bracelet + LU FLUX pop up shop!

Today I met up with a lovely group of ladies from Japanese Magazine called Fudge. I was photographed and interviewed in various locations, showing some lovely places in East London to visit! During the first location, I started to make a Pearl Ribbon Bracelet and photograph the stages for my blog!
I also visited a pop up shop named LU FLUX, a gorgeous clothing brand filled with floral blouses and dresses. I was lucky enough to photograph a couple of bits and try on a beautiful dress that will be in the magazine. I shall do a little post when the magazine is published in the new year. I was lucky enough to be one of the twelve London features in the magazine, so myself, my Miu Miu socks, this bracelet and my DIY Collar will be in the book!

Pearl Ribbon Bracelet tutorial -

What you will need:
- 30cm of ribbon
- 10mm pearls
- 20cm of thin wire

 This bracelet is a really simple DIY! Firstly, push the wire through the centre of the ribbon start about a third way in from the end of the ribbon length ways. I divided the ribbon into three sections so I could use the first and third section of the ribbon to tie into a bow!
Place a pearl through the wire and wrap the ribbon around the top half. Poke the wire through the ribbon, make sure the pearl is at the very end of the wire so the ribbon can be tightly secured around the pearl. 

 Place another pearl through the wire. This time, take the ribbon from underneath and wrap it around the bottom half of the pearl. Repeat these steps until you've placed all the pearls up to the the third half of the ribbon. (make sure the ribbon on each end is even to tie around)

 Then, with another piece of wire, wrap the two pieces around together to secure all the pearls and ribbon on each side of the bracelet. I then tied a small knot on either end and cut off the wire using pliers. You can bend the spare wire around the ribbon to hide the ends if wanted.

Lastly, tie the bracelet around you into a bow and there you have it! One pretty little creation that can be done in minutes!

Here are a couple of the photographs of the lovely LU FLUX clothing!

Stay tuned for my post in the new year of the photoshoot in LU FLUX and out in London by Fudge Magazine. I will be showing you my new DIY's and pretty dresses I tried on!


  1. oh wow liberty your blog is beautiful!im following you for sure :) I really love your style and your diy posts are awesome! and thats so cool that you were featured for a magazine! well done xx

    1. Thankyou very much! I am so excited! :) xx

  2. What a lovely tutorial! I'm obsessed with your style by the way, so cute!!! :)

    1. Thankyou! You have a sweet little blog there! <3

  3. This is very awesome and very creative work, dude i must make this for my girlfriend..:)
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  4. What a great opportunity - and that bracelet is so fresh and feminine!