Monday, 19 November 2012

Jumble Sale Treasures

Since the Autumn weather approached England, car boot sales have been put to a halt. Thankfully, Mama and I have found a new hobby to fill in on the weekends!
We've been attending local Jumble Sales that have been advertised in the local free papers.
The sales are usually held in a church hall or a community centre. Inside, there are tables full of clothes, books, games, glassware and various trinkets.

Here are my clothing finds:

Mens paisley nightshirt
Handmade knit cardigan
Two sleeveless 'Topshop' collar tees
Brand new Angora TU cardigan with tags
Vintage puffy sleeved blouse
Topshop stripe crop top
Black embellished collar top
Mens oversized knitted cardigan
Vintage black pearl collar necklace

Overall I spent about Three pounds on all of this!
I am in love with every single treasure I scooped out!

Here is my advice:

Arrive before the opening of the doors: Long queues are quickly formed while waiting to go in, you want to make sure you get their early to grab all the buys!

Don't be afraid to use your elbows: At first I struggled with managing to look through the items, people quickly form around the tables leaving no space to see! I tend to pick up an item over someones shoulder to show that I have found something interesting. Usually, that person will give you some space for you to collect your item and have a look at other things. If this doesn't work, use your elbows (kindly), try to squeeze into a spot! You deserve to have a look as much as the other people.

Pull things out from under the pile of items: I've found the best items hidden underneath the pile. Pull things out of proportion! Don't fold the  items back into a perfected structure, they are most likely to get unfolded and moved around the tables.

Save up your clothes: Don't buy each piece of clothing as you go along, hold onto the clothing until you have finished having a look, or if the pile is getting to big to hold. It will be most likely that the employees will knock off some money when you buy big bundles of clothing.

Wear comfortable clothing: Not the best idea to wear a floaty sleeve fringed dress that gets in the way of your rummaging time! Don't wear any rings because I will guarantee they will slide off your fingers and into the forever ending pile of clothes.

Bring your own bags: Saves time and the environment! Letting the employees know you have your own bag when purchasing your goods could lower the price of your items too!

I hope I have given good advice, or have encouraged you to get out there and check when the next jumble sale is on in your area!

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