Sunday, 20 January 2013

DIY: Pearl Lace Collar

I made this collar about a month or so ago, I never got round to photographing all the steps and of me wearing it to post it.
So this isn't really a DIY tutorial, because it's pretty straight forward.
But I wore it today outside in the snow! It was really hard to photograph my outfit in strong winds! I got a new camera and didn't want to get it ruined by the weather so the composition sucks. At least my outfit is on show though.

DIY Pearl Lace Collar

You will need:
- A collar or a shirt with attached collar
- Lace longer than the collar laid flat
- Pearls
- Needle + thread

I started out by laying my collar flat out on a table surface and I pinned down the long piece of lace on the edges of the collar and begun to sew this on.
Then, with my pearls I added I sewed them on very randomly and sewed a little 'flower' shape with the pearls. It's really up to you on how you want to present the pearls. You can cluster them or if you want to add other detail you can use more lace or sequins and beads. I thought I'd  style my pearls in a simple pattern considering the vibrant pink of the collar already adds a lot to the piece.

.... And then it started to snow!

I'm also using Lightroom to edit my photos and for some reason the colour has drained from the photos, everything looks wrong in this post!

Coat: Topshop / Cardigan: Mango / Collar: DIY / Umbrella: Vintage

Be experimental with your collars! Let me know how you decide to style it!
Stay warm my lovely followers and safe in the snow if you're experiencing cold weather, I seriously can't wait to stay at home on college days drinking rum hot chocolate and watching clueless.

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  1. That collar is beautiful , so are the photos xx

  2. Oh wow, this is so gorge! :) I love how you styled it, and the pictures are beautiful! xx

  3. hi dear! that collar is really cute!

    doing a giveaway for my DIY creations ;) feel free to join! would appreciate feedback on my work

  4. So glad I just discovered your blog, you're so talented :)

  5. I'm going to try this, this weekend once i've picked up some pearly looking beads
    I'll post it on my blog if its sucsessful haha so you can check it out :-)