Saturday, 26 January 2013

Haute Couture: Spring Summer 2013

I've decided to pick out my ultimate favourites from Haute Couture fashion week.
I had a lovely time watching all the shows at home, I am so thankful for the livestream for each runway!
I had a hard time parting with Christian Dior this season, I felt that Raf Simons tried a little to hard. It was such a shame because he gave such a new fresh take on Dior last season. He had a beautiful concept, I just think it did not take the right turn to be part of my favourites.
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Alexis Mabille
The first collection of Mabille as an official Couture leader at Paris fashion week, and I must say what a great turn out to start something new.
Instantly I fell in love with these pieces, the overlays of tulle and netting reminds me of my once owned tutus I used to wear daily when I was yonger. I love the fresh scheme of a pastel palette and big pieces of detail that cling onto the outfits.

It was a difficult decision whether to include Chanel this season in my blog. I was really impressed with the first selection of pieces that contained above the knee tweed skirt suits and dresses. They drew my attention by their simple detail and small waistlines, it is definitely  something I would wear, they look to be influenced by 'lolita' style with their doll like cut and sways! I am head over heels for a pair of lace leg boots and arm sleeves. Arm sleeves are my favourite right now!
However, I felt like the collection could of stopped half way through the show, there was to much. I like to specify each piece from the same variety as a similarity to one another. I didn't admire the use of feathers and sequins as much as I would of liked too. Perhaps because my heart skipped beats at the beginning and that was my five minutes of excitement.
Yet, aside from my opinion of dividing the collection to two separates, and my disproval of the hair and makeup, (it took to much contrast in account to the outfits), their were some really beautiful pieces and I admire Karl Lagerfeld for this. The scenery and music selection was flawless! 

Giambattista Valli
New dedications to hang the fabrics have added much shape and detail to this collection, I adore this considering some of the patterns are quite vibrant in repetition and colour, they do not need to be used in a complex way. Bronze and copper botanical plant jewellery have been used to join the outfits together, I love these jewellery pieces as they are so bold and vivid. They clash perfectly with the delicate colour scheme. I also noticed the few dresses with tailored trousers, gown suits! I love the whole controversy with feminine designs placed with a formal trouser, It changes the outfit entirely!

oh my oh my.
Marie and Pierre Curie really have made this collection come to life. I absolutely adore the elegant details and the silhouette shapes. I think most importantly about this is that these pieces show class and wealth. They are so sophisticated and are filled with royal regency.
Everything about these outfits were so beautiful and for that I think that their beauty within makes this collection so strong and powerful.
Valentino himself must be proud.

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  1. Gorgeous round-up! :) I absolutely adore the Valentino too, it was the most beautiful collection ever!
    I wasn't sure about Chanel either... I think the make up is awful, so are the shoes. The tweed dresses in the first half were really pretty, though :)

    1. Thankyou! :)
      The Chanel hair/make up was terrible! The tweed dresses and the two brides were my favourite only. The rest of the collection was not needed for me!

  2. such an amazing visual post! High fashion is such a guilty pleasure of mine, and Valentino really are the créme de la créme! x

  3. My favourite would either have to be the first one in the first picture or the last one in the second picture. The silhouette of the farthest right one in the second picture is just beautiful!