Sunday, 13 January 2013

Tim Walker: Story Teller

Last month I visited Somerset House in London to attend the Tim Walker exhibition!
I first came across Walkers work in Vogue in 2009, I immediately became attached to his work and used a lot of references to him in my photography sketchbook at school.
Since I've been at college he has still be an inspiration to me. The surreal, dreamlike visualisations have helped me develop my work and find new artists that have a similar impact.

Unfortunately I couldn't use my camera inside the exhibition, but I did manage to grab a few sneaky, badly composed photographs on my phone to share!

Stella Tennant and Pink Powder Cloud 2007 // Alexander Mcqueen 2009

Agyness Deyn May Vogue 2011 // Olga Sherer on Blue Horse 2007

Sugar Crystalized Roses and Cream 2010 // Giant doll and Lindsey Wixson 2011

After the exhibition we went to Selfridges to browse, bought mango smoothies in Soho and met Sky Ferreira in Topshop!


Cinsy, Sky, Myself and Nathalie!

What a splendid little day it was!

Tim Walker's Story Teller exhibition is on until the 27th January 2013, visit now for free!
It was so lovely to see the props and structures in real scale next to the prints.

♡ ♡ 


  1. wow love this post, the lanterns/globes are awesome!


    1. I love it in Selfridges, London department stores have such beautiful presentations!