Monday, 4 February 2013

Fine Art: The Cinemagraph

As I have now finished and handed in my Fine Art Installation work for College, I am happy to share some of my favourite outcomes on my blog!

I started out my project inspired by photographer Jamie Beck and graphic designer Kevin Burg. The couple have become part of the new social networking moving images. Together, they created a Cinemagraph, a continuous moving image. The Cinemagraph is similar to an internet .gif, however, .gifs tend to be all in full bloom and movement. These however, have a replica of a photograph with a touch of reality.

Realising what a lovely opportunity it was to take a short video for this project and convert it into a Cinemagraph, I experimented with a simple candle.

After discovering how to create this wonderful piece of movement on Photoshop, I decided to create a set up of my sister, Hayley in one of our favourite antique patisseries in our local town. 

I am very much pleased with my outcome of the teacup. However, now that I have recently bought a new camera and a new lens. I would love to expand on this genre of animation and create something more vast and holds a lot more quality.
(There is so much noise in the Cinemagraphs due to the editing process I used/saved as and a low format of software on my old camera.)

Take a look at Jamie Beck's blog:
Her posts are full of beautiful photographs (mostly film which I adore) and a selection of Cinemagraphs!


  1. I love these! They're beautiful!
    x x x

  2. This is amazing!!
    Your going to have to show me how to do this, i love the simplistic idea! xx

  3. Wow, this is fantastic! I especially love the second cinemagraph! That pattiserie does look so beautiful!
    P.s. You've won my giveaway. :) I've e-mailed you! xx

  4. wow, thumbs up, it looks incredibly cool, especially that snap with candle<3
    let's follow each other?


  5. Wow, the one of the tea cup is amazing!