Tuesday, 19 February 2013

London Fashion Week: Street Style

My two great friends Cinsy, Nathalie and I went up to Somerset House once again to see the Valentino exhibition! It was absolutely flawless, my eyes filled with tears as soon as I stepped into long arched room filled with exquisite, sophisticated outfits that were dated back from the 1960's right up to a gown presented from 2012's spring collection.

After this, we walked around the grounds of Somerset House where one of the showrooms for London Fashion Week was based.
And I got photographed by Scott Schuman - The Satorialist! He came up to me and asked to photograph me whilst I was taking photographs. It was a pleasure to meet him and experience the way he sets up his street style work.
I was then handed a microphone and was asked to talk to the camera about my plans for today and what I was wearing. They told me they would be posting the video up on their website. But I cannot remember their link, it was a Chinese blog called ukstyler? The name has blown away.
After, I was photographed by several bloggers and fashion students who gave me their cards! Then Vogue Italia approached me and photographed me for their website!
I was interviewed and photographed by Getty Images and Zaza Oliva.
I was also photographed for a magazine named Teenbook and a gentleman who wore a good suit and has a great website, Paul Hartnett.
Not only to top it off but I found Charlieissocoollike, a youtube partner and he gave me a badge!
I also saw the lovely Sayaka, an editor for Fudge Magazine, who I met when I was featured in the issue coming out next month!


(photos from Getty,  with a logo on my face.)

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  1. Well... I look a little moody lol,
    Ahh it was such a good day!!

  2. ah these photographs are amazing! can't believe you got to go :) lucky you getting all the photos taken too :) u deserved it, ur outfit is so cute :) xo

  3. Very inspiring post :)


    Coline ♡

  4. Great post, love your socks!