Saturday, 2 March 2013

Rossella Vanon: Fashion Photography Workshop.

FINALLY I can post about this small fragment of my previous project!
I didn't want put this online UNTIL I submitted all my sketchbooks into college, I do not like to show my ideas and process online until my lecturers have marked it. I guess it is better to safe than sorry!

In October I went to attend a workshop in London, set up and lead by an amazing photographer named Rossella Vanon, we were on location in an old school building with lots of beautiful natural lighting and space to photograph!

Throughout the day we learnt about the aspects of photographing models, we worked around the stylists, make up artists and hair stylists. It was great considering their were about nine of us on the workshop, from all ages and specified in different areas of photography. I really enjoyed working with new people who all had different skills and routines when photographing.

During my Fine Art installation project I used some of my outcomes and played around with different techniques. Unfortunately, I have a really bad scanner and nothing does it's justice. A lot have scanned blurred, discoloured and bleak. I couldn't even upload half the things I wanted to show you on here.

This includes overpainting, image ready and quick off transfers.
I also sewed over some of the photographs which was really fun, the skirt photograph looks much better as it's '3d', the skirt pops out of the photograph and adds a new dimension to the frame.

Still really disappointed at how bad they look scanned in, I need to buy a better scanner.
I also had lots of silk screen prints and other techniques I created from the RV photos.
Maybe I'll post them some day.

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