Sunday, 7 April 2013

Norman Parkinson Exhibition

I am definitely enjoying this Easter break! I cannot wait for Summer break. Although I currently am juggling with lots of coursework, it hasn't stopped me from spending as much time in London as possible. I'm also in the middle of planning photo shoots for my upcoming project, making a new skirt, photographing behind the scenes and making a DIY for my next giveaway.

The other day I visited the National Theatre along the Southbank to attend Norman Parkinsons exhibition. I was so blown away by the amount of work on display! I was in absolute heaven. Admiring the medium format shots, New York skylines, Christian Dior gowns, Vogue and Harpers Bazaar locations and so much more!

Of course, I was to terrified to get kicked out of such an amazing exhibition so I only managed to snap a few photos on Instagram. But I thought I'd share them with you as they are superb!

 Susan Abraham - Vogue 1953
Model wearing a Legroux Soeurs Hat - Vogue 1952
Audrey Hepburn - 1955
Isabella Rossellini - 1982
Iman and Jerry hall - Paris Spring Vogue 1983
Yves Saint Laurent black suit, hat and pearls - In Portugal for Vogue 1973

More photographs on my Instagram: LibertyGeorgina

It was such a lovely day: Simmel cake and latte in the Royal Festival Hall. Eating mexican Wahaca tapas in box containers while watching boats sail past. And seeing a carousel alight and in full motion!

Oh and heres my outfit, it was so cold so I had to wear lots of unfascinating layers. Photo by Niki!
It was appropriate to be photographed in front of the red shed since it matched my dress and headband.
(Click here for Lookbook link/hype)
Dress: Topshop / Jumper: Topshop / Boots: Doctor Martens

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  1. Ahh, I always enjoy reading your posts because there always seems to be this large amount of care put into them.
    Also, I love your outfit - because it seems like the perfect balance of edgy and girly.

    x g.

  2. you look amazing!

  3. Ah wow, now I want to go see this exhibition! And everything coming up sounds really exciting, can't wait to see your photos, skirt etc
    Lucia x

  4. your look left me speechless ! what can I say ? sometimes words are helpless to express some feelings , this is probably it :)

  5. love the outfit especialy the Doctor Martens Boots!

  6. Love his photos... looks like it was a beautiful exhibit.

    Cute blog!