Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Wildfox Couture: Pre Fall 2013

After stumbling across the new Lookbook for Wildfox Coutures newest collection, my heart dropped and I fell in love with tie dyed shirts and knitted tops.
I have become familiar with this brand as one of my local branded shops sells the famous Wildfox oversized rose knit jumpers. They are so gorgeous and feel very cosy and well made. I always run into that shop and straight into this section as they always grab my eye and pull me to stare and hold them so I can pretend it's my own garment for a few seconds.
But when they released their new Lookbook for the Pre Fall collection, I jaw dropped! I love how they've still kept on with the rose knit jumpers for this season but have developed them into something ever so more amazing and beautiful and just ahhh! *fan girling*
I am in desperate search of a fancy pair of waisted trousers and jeans that have been spotted throughout the shoot. They match so perfectly with the hand dyed shirts and kitten space dust prints.
I'm really impressed. really. truly. oh my!
Can't you tell?

I adore the location set up and beautiful soft focus on the models as they put on their hiking boots and explore the purity of nature that preserves them. Photographing at sunset later on at the set adds an ethereal, magellic effect to the outfits that are out of this world. Also interpreting any time of glamorous props like the teepee, explorers hat, 35mm camera and the handheld candle light really pulls these outfits together.

Tres Bien, Wildfox, Tres Bien!

Click here to view the whole nostalgic experience from the rest of the lookbook!
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  1. This serie of photgraphs is crazy but very inspirational :)
    Thanks for sharing darling!