Thursday, 6 June 2013

Final Major Project: Seevic College Art and Design show.

Au Revoir collège!
After endless hours of printing hundreds of contacts sheets, going through a glue stick each day, snapping too many photographs, taking numerous screenshots till the desktop is completely full and typing up evaluations on a typewriter (ouch), my journey through BTEC Photography has come to end.
I have a beautiful three month break to create the work I love and prepare myself for even more adventures at university.
Here is my final pieces at the show in College, and also some of my favourites from other students!

Self Portrait series / Caleb Brown series

Nathalie Clarkson - AS Fine Art + AS Textiles

 Robyn Mansfield - BTEC Photography

 Clarissa Burridge - AS Media

Madison Shirley - BTEC Photography

Emily Pumfrett - BTEC Art and Design

 Elizabeth Hardy - BTEC Photography

Ethan Brown - BTEC Art and Design

Stephanie O Brien - BTEC Photography

Lauren Sear - BTEC Art and Design

Christopher Gibbs - AS Photography 

 Charlotte Young - BTEC Photography

 Lauren Blair + Charlotte Ramkisson - Foundation Art and Design

 Daisy Holliday + Korrine O Connor - AS Textiles

Nathalie Hazelden - AS Photography

 Thomas Tadman - BTEC Art and Design

Likewise, I have a lot more photographs I wanted to put up as I was delighted by how many techniques and genres where installed.
Good bye, Seevic!


  1. woww everyones work is amazing! love the photography :) im doing as level art at the moment but im thinking about going to art college after school too..which uni will you be going to? xx

  2. Well done! you did amazingly! x

  3. Luv this post and all the photos, you're amazing :)


    -- I want to live in L. A --

  4. Stunning! Well done lovely, your pictures are amazing :D