Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Things that i'd like to do during the summer:

(photographs inspired by The Virgin Suicides for my Final Major Project)

- Try not to spend too much time online (aside from blogging. blogging is good)
- Set up my Etsy shop
Get a french manicure
- Start driving lessons
- Find a penpal and send handwritten letters
Try chai tea latte at Dishoom
- Enjoy the scenery and try a little watercolour
- Drink a wheatgrass shot
- Read twenty books this year by the end of summer
- Meet new people and learn to make a new friend
- Own an everday pearl bracelet
- Have cocktails on the beach at sunset
- Make a print on a tote bag
- Finish my sewn skirt
- Feel the crispy waves of hair after a long swim in the sea
- Spend as much time in London visiting galleries with my mama
- make a magic cake (literally)
- DIY another pair of socks
- Eat strawberry and clotted cream scones with tea in matching china sets
- Make a embroidered-onglaze dress
- Find new music to listen too
- Visit Liberty for a summer spree
- Invite friends over for banana split making on the firepit
- donate some of my old childhood possessions
- Go out on more picnics
- find a new piece of art for my wall
- Wear a beautiful dress on my eighteenth birthday
- Eat squeaky halluomi straight off the coals
- Visit Laduree
- Enjoy yoga
- Try some fish
- listen to more vinyl
- Buy some lip stainer
- Try some more square format film
- Post more film photographs on my blog
- Cut an inch cut off my hair
- Make a smoothie from fresh coconut
- Share my knit creations
- Get my bracelet shortened
- Make a smoothie from kale!
- Visit a rose garden

♡ ♡ 


  1. I will join you on the 'Eat strawberry and clotted cream scones with tea in matching china sets'


  2. I would be interested in penpaling? c:
    My name is gemma, i am 17 and live in australia!
    Email me at gemmastone@live.com if you want to chat a bit.

    x g.