Wednesday, 2 October 2013

New Experiences:


Sam / Umi / Cam / Sinead / Craig

My existence has changed so quickly in many different ways.
University has grabbed hold of me and I've met the most interesting people full of wild personalities and unique interests.
I didn't ever think it was going to be this amazing. I'm experiencing living with my new family, drinking unusual mixers and going to the only 'bar' in the area.
My course has hardly even started, but these were a couple of shots I took that unfortunately were incredibly unexposed to process further. There's so many light leaks and dust specks from my development.
The wonders of Lightroom, who needs darkrooms?
(seriously though, best darkrooms ever here.)

I am still missing out on the world of watching Valentino, drinking Raspberry cocktails with mama and staring at my floral birdcages.
I miss my home, but at least I got a pretty nice room here too.

♡ ♡ 


  1. mmmm raspberry cocktails!
    love the softness of your portraits: only film could bring that:
    what beautiful people you all are ❤

    1. And that is exactly why I appreciate film much more! And we shall be drinking cocktails very soon!