Saturday, 23 May 2015

Savage Beauty

Recently I visited the Victoria and Albert Museum to see Savage Beauty exhibition, containing the works of the beloved Alexander Lee Mcqueen.
This exhibition was first shown at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York in 2011, I desperately wanted to indulge in this collection. I admit I was disappointed that his own work wasn't shown in his homeland, until this year.

Slowly browsing through different eras of fashion, each room contained a dedicated decor to fit with each collection. One of my favourites being Spring 2005, containing a Romantic Exoticism of silk kimonos inspired by authentic Japanese style.

I remember not long after Lee took his own life, that I made my own dress to replicate one of his own creations. Styled through an old bed sheet and blue sequinned fabric: not the most exquisite.
Viewing the collection of his best works shows that Lee had made a lifetime of work, having only died at 40 years of age. 
There is so much life and beauty in his work that will continue to inspire art, an iconic designer that will not be forgotten.

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