Saturday, 18 July 2015

Reinvention through style.

reinvention (verb)
Line breaks: re|invent
Pronunciation: riːɪnˈvɛnt
1. Change (something) so much that it appears to be entirely new
2. (reinvent oneself) Take up a radically new job or way of life

Admitting something to yourself is one thing, but to hear from the two most stylish people I have known yet to confirm this, it does upset me on how much I have changed my taste in fashion. I no longer need to dress to impress anyone, to match up or dress like a mum. 
If I could reinvent myself over night then life would be too easy, I am ready for a long journey that awaits ahead. I have already come this far from black drainpipes, studded belts bought in camden market and homemade tutus. I have lost a lot of colour in my wardrobe, sticking to safety with blues and greys. But why? I am young and slim, I have this chance to wear anything I desire. (except for those Miu Miu heels, I have been told I have to wear them out soon for an ultimate ego boost... help)

It has been difficult going into a store without grabbing the first striped garment I could lay my eyes on. I must detach myself from that. Some words that I have heard repeatedly is changing my hair or get a piercing. I don't think I have the urge for any of those variations, but I will determine myself to add more colour into my style.
Heck, on the current topic of 'reinvention', I haven't said no to a single thing yet (except for going to a club, sweaty horny teenagers? no thankyou). Some incredible exciting opportunities have popped up in my life and I cannot wait to document and share my adventures on my blog.
I feel like I am having a mid life crisis, in the words of Johann Strauss II I have taken the words yolo literally. Just you wait for the next upcoming months.

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  1. I have never seen so much colour, isn't it exciting? Well I am excited for you and lucky me for sharing it all with you!