Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Garments with memories.

 (ah I hate chipped polish!)

Jumper: Topshop / Skirt: Hennes & Mauritz / Leather Handbag: Russell & Bromley / Sandals: Zara / Amethyst ring and white gold watch: Vintage

I haven't photographed myself in a long time, I must admit it felt very unusual to do this again. I am currently in love with my wardrobe choices so I really must show you my outfit for the day more often.

It was my birthday on Saturday, aside from seeing Vivian Maier (which shall be posted up next along with my new camera) and drinking a couple of cocktails on the way to see Paul Smith's new favourite spot: My mama picked out this skirt for me from H&M. We fell in love but the sizing wasn't right. I ended up going into five different stores including Oxford/Regent's main store (Five floors of searching). I opted for a bigger size than usual but it has become one of my favourites, I love midi skirts at the moment.
I don't usually find anything in Hennes I like aside from a couple of basics, lucky my mama has good taste!

The Zara sandals were a total mishap, they were purchased on account of one too many blisters from wearing too many heels. But I've instantly grown to love them strangely enough, the thick red soles and stitching remind me of these bamboo slippers our Japanese friends gave to my parents.

As for the Topshop Jumper, I wear this all the time, even at clubs (you think I am joking?). It's thin and light but contains a woollen blend, I am always cold so we are the perfect match. The bag I purchased at Spitalfields Market when Elly, Charlotte, Scott and I went on a vintage shopping haul. I bought a gorgeous pair of cream golden trimmed heels for £1, (though they got slightly ruined while dancing).

I think it is just as important for a garment to carry a story, it makes it more valuable and cherish-able to yourself. 

Aside from the skirt envy, I am having a masculine moment by wearing Toni and Guy cream in my hair, it smells gorgeous and look sleek. Expect me in a suit next time, ha!

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