Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Skala Beach: A small but detailed guide

(35mm on Pentax)

Last month I spent some of my time off on a beautiful Greek Island called Kefalonia, located west from the mainland. While staying in a small hotel in the mountains, every morning I opened the shutters of our terrace to see the beautiful seascape ahead. It was a lovely get away and excuse for me to lounge on the beach with 'A Secret History' by Donna Tartt in one hand, and an iced coffee with milk and sugar bought to me in the other. Since then I have added coffee into my daily routine, doppios is like medicine to me.

I love to search for new places before I go away online, but I had no luck blog scrolling and Instagram tagging Kefalonia. Since I found a few little gems by Skala beach I thought I should share these and hope that they may come of use if anyone stumbles upon this before their departure.

e a t

Pikiona: A restaurant just behind the beach containing an open garden lounge for live music and simple decor for dining. Perfect for grills! I recommend the grilled Salmon purely for smokey flavour and freshness.

il Destino: Something different to your usual Greek speciality, It's like walking into a Parisian greenhouse while the restaurant is filled with Louis XV style loveseats and old wooden canes. However their menu takes a different turn, an unusual selection of Italian cuisine with freshly made pasta and pizza bases. I couldn't say the pizza was to our taste (trust me i'm an expert) but their creamy tagliatelle was delicious, topped off with a shot of ouzo really did perfect it.

Mikelatos Family: I ate my weight in tzatziki and ending up coming here on more than one occasion. True Greek cuisine at it's finest, freshly blended humous and warm flatbreads to rolled aubergines with warm feta. All to be enjoyed while admiring the interior.

d r i n k 

Akri Bar: A huge selection of cocktails ranging from classic Piña Coladas to unusual blends of 'tree sap liquor'. One of my favourite hot spots throughout our stay as we sat under the wicker terrace and chatted with the lovely ελευθερία (Eleftheria) which also translates to Liberty!

Captains Bar: It is difficult to write about this, but you just have to visit the Captains bar at least once. At least for the extreme drinks.

p a c k

Kefalonia has numerous mountains throughout the island, comfortable shoes are advised, unless of course you hire a car which I would recommend as the public transport links are awful.

Take a pair of snorkelling goggles as the clear waters are full of fishes and beautiful black stones.

Unless you are like me and pick wild mint from the gardens, bring some of your own tea bags as they do not have their own special blend.

s u n b a t h e

A place to soak up the sun on the beach is by the Metaxa bar, €6 for a pair of sun loungers and parasol for the day. All while enjoying the reggae remixes, taking advantage of their free (but slow) wifi and making use of the beach cafe service.

b u y

Korres body washes and moisturisers are much much cheaper in the pharmacies.
The Olive Wood Shop in the main Skala town will make your knees shake if you have a bit of chopping board envy...

A small but detailed guide to enhance a delightful trip to Skala beach.

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