Sunday, 27 September 2015

Goodbye Summer.

(featured ceramic by Craig Richardson)

Today made me realise that summer really is over, I am a little saddened by how quickly it has gone. Upon moving back home I thought I would be spending my days in doors under the duvet binging Breaking Bad and making people on Tumblr talk to me. I have barely had a chance to finish my new favourite TV series and I like to think that I have put my social media energy into this blog.

Although I spent a month in Greece, Hong Kong, and the rest of my time in London, I am glad that I stayed at home again. I have regained that love and comfort in knowing that it's okay to still call the place where your parents are 'home'.

If anything I hardly got a chance to unpack the last couple of boxes in my room as I have met and rekindled with a lovely lovely group of people. I cannot underestimate how much it meant to me to go out and enjoy life. Spending time with Cinsy's family, Dancing with Nathalie and Emma, Eating brownies around the fire pit with Johanne and Ethan, stealing drinks from the brush with Natasha, Morris and Harry, going to play late night snooker with Elly and Freddie, staying up till 5am with Georgia talking about anything and everything, finding vintage shops and rooftop cocktail spots with Elly, Charlotte and Scott, listening to John DJ at cool bars, assisting Andre on pre magazine photoshoots, smoking shisha with Perry and Thomas, going for afternoon tea in Sketch with Cinsy and Nathalie, dancing on top of the bar under an influence from Alex (no regrets), taking photos of Cinsy with Kyran and Lewis in A+E (gd times) and being critical with Ollie about expensive art during gallery visits.

The list just goes on and on, this is a personal post but I think its a nice way to say thank you. Thank you to all the wonderful people in my life who have made my summer by the far the best yet. But most importantly, thank you for Cinsy for showing me a new part of the world. Every time I become upset or annoyed I just think of you giving the middle finger and literally telling everything to get lost. Because you have so much sass and I think to myself 'If Cinsy was in my situation right now, she would just say fuck you and dance away.'

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