Sunday, 13 September 2015

油麻地 : Yau Ma Tei

One of the most important things to do while exploring a new place is to try the local food. So far I have already experienced a variety of things, from seeing outdoor kitchens to sitting next to a tank full of lobsters. Night time is when the city really comes alive, hundreds upon thousands of lights glow by hanging off high rise buildings. The heat becomes cooler (only very slightly) so we can all slowly creep outside of air-conned spaces. 
Somehow outdoor dining seems more riveting, washing your own dishes from a teapot and sharing a table with locals really makes you appreciate the dim sum that arrives on the fold up table. Although I cannot deny that I am thankful for being taken out to eat seafood platters filled with razor clams and abalone, I have fallen in love with so many different Chinese fishes that I cannot guess to spell.

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