Saturday, 24 October 2015

Ellis (2015) Directed by JR.

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Ellis Island

1. an island in upper New York Bay: 
    a former U.S. immigrant 
    examination station.

Yesterday I visited one of my favourite independent galleries, Lazarides. I climbed up three floors worth of stairs to find myself comfortably sitting on a leather chesterfield in a large pitch black room. As I looked ahead I spent ten minutes of my time completely submerged in a blanket full of cold, emptiness.

I listened to one of my favourite composers, Nils Frahm while Robert De Niro gently told a story that was beautifully scripted. There was a moment where my heart dropped, it was breathtakingly beautiful yet desolate. French artist JR has directed a short film titled Ellis, it deserves to be shown throughout numerous cities. He has created something incredibly powerful during a time where Ellis Island can be reflected onto our current troubles in the world. Immigration contains the spotlight in our daily news, JR's Ellis film is a peaceful response and an important statement for our society today.

JR's trademark slowly reveals itself throughout the duration of the film, floors are covered with paste ups. The graffiti reminded me of the installation of steel faces I once walked upon at the Jewish Museum in Berlin, created by Menashe Kadishman.

Source photograph of JR et De Niro.

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