Saturday, 3 October 2015

returning to reality.

(It's Cinsy Tam!)

Dress: DKNY / Handbag: Topshop / Shoes: Birkenstocks

Okay this is my last Hong Kong post.... Digitally at least. I've still got some beautiful Ektar prints to publish.
I bought this Donna Karen dress in the sale and it is the most comfortable yet timelessly trendy dress. Made of denim you can wear it with almost anything, it is floaty, buttons all the way down and even has pockets. yes, pockets! It is one of the best things to throw on when you are running errands, or you know, visiting temples.
I am in love with Hong Kong and I think I left a piece of me there. It was a beautiful city and there was not a single thing I did not enjoy about it, (well, I shall admit I went to pizza express one afternoon and the mozzarella did not meet my standards.) I went out alone around Kowloon and onto Hong Kong Island, it felt like I was in London, it was that easy to get by.

I think returning back to England and having to find a new place to stay after my contract for living in Kennington fell through made me realise that London is not somewhere I want to live at all. There is so much more to the cities in this world and I have definitely explored many areas for the one I have loved dearly all my life.
Long story short, house hunting in London has made me not want to live there. Not unless I can afford an eight grand month rent in Knightsbridge. But on the plus side I have still been working in London after moving back to Surrey, Assisting photographers for magazine clients, attending private views and running for a production company. I tried to avoid returning back to Surrey until I tried commuting for two weeks. I am glad to have met an architect with a lovely home and a cosy bed. But thats for another post, and a photo diary!

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