Wednesday, 18 November 2015

After thoughts.

It is 1am, I am tired and drained yet I cannot sleep. I am afraid of falling into a nightmare. Sometimes I dread waking up. I spent my weekend in Paris with friends, we were taken care of and put into safety. Looking back now, what seemed like eternity has become a blur, I barely remember what happened as we sat and waited for endless hours until the boarder opened for us to go home.
One of the most difficult things is snapping back to reality, I cannot seem to accept that I am back home ready to finish my university project. I do not feel certain that everything is back to the way it should be, something feels different but I cannot grasp onto it.

A few friends of mine are in fear of returning to Paris, but I am thankful of already being able to see the city multiple times. The second time I visited was with my school at the age of twelve, I loved every moment of it, I thought it would be a similar experience attending with a large group of friends. I hope I can come to terms with everything about this past weekend soon, I hope that I can still enjoy the time with incredible photographers.

Pentax MG at the Marché Bastille in 2014

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