Monday, 30 November 2015

Exploring new territories.

I just finished my first deadline during my last year of university by making a book. I hand bound a thick, beautiful leather hard cover which I shall document in the new year. As much as I have enjoyed being back at university, working hard and seeing friends every night, I can not wait to take a break this christmas. I am going back to Asia and I am so excited to explore new lands. Just looking at these snapshots Cinsy took of me in Hong Kong makes me dread the humidity and heat. This time I will not be visiting somewhere as topical, I shall not have the chance to weave myself through air conditioned shopping palaces grabbing a matcha iced coffee on my way. But I am still ready to indulge in a new culture, I hope my Hasselblad can cope in the jungle!

photographs taken on Canon A1 by Cinsy Tam

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