Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Yet another step forward.

Hasselblad 500: Ektar 100 120mm

I think I am ready for my next chapter. I enjoyed those walks home at 5am, snooping around Barber shops and borrowing mens clothes as an alteration in my style. But now I am looking forward, having already moved into a lovely new home this month I am determined to find something new and beautiful to work towards. At the moment I have absolutely no clue what I would like to do for my last university project, I actually wished I didn't write my dissertation last year as I am picking the varnish on my nails in the hope of something to do. Well, I have plenty on my to do list, but that is all to be achieved within the next few months. I much prefer pressure and deadlines, I like to keep busy. And by keeping busy, that does not include movies days at friends and evenings out at parties. Time to get that alarm clock set to an earlier time and sun salutations to be a regular routine.
I believe this photograph of my current bed is very appropriate for this topic considering I did not sleep much last term, this year I have spent the majority of it in bed and I am loving every moment of it.

Annnnd for some reason I feel like sharing a small list of my favourites things at the moment:

pink grapefruit, volvo amazon, patterned tights, vines (yes it still exists), finery london, tomppabeats, the shining, black cats, bed hair, red watercolour and pear tea.

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