Sunday, 3 January 2016

ភ្នំ ពេញ : Phnom Penh

Photographs taken at: Royal Palace, Chong Kneas, Wat Phnom and Central Market.

For those of you who follow me on other variations of social media were aware that I took out two weeks of my winter break to visit Cambodia. I lugged around a backpack of cameras, film and light meters up mountains of rubble from the temples. I thought I'd start the opening of these entries with a few photographs from Instagram, mainly in Phnom Penh. A city with a history that could not be captured, I took one photograph on my Hasselblad during our stay. Walking over dried up blood and stepping on buried crushed bones did not encourage me to start clicking away with a camera. It almost felt disrespectful to photograph such a delicate space, whether that would be at a shrine or in the killing fields.

Phnom Penh was an interesting experience, I was certainly amazed at our beautiful hotel and stunning art deco architecture at central market. But for me the story started after the city, we took a short plane ride up to Siem Reap. From there we travelled all over to see history of the country, the rich and the poor, the water and the land. I want to write about the reasoning for the trip with the photographs attached, as for my next post shall show a few scans from my developed film.

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