Sunday, 6 March 2016

Pear, Dark Chocolate and Apricot Cake.

This cake is my masterpiece, my favourite creation. You can not go wrong with the sweetness of the pears and the richness from the pockets of dark chocolate. I would like to think this is appropriate for all occasions, at any season, and the best part is that the majority of these ingredients are within arms reach in the kitchen.

- 140 grams of self raising flour
- 140 grams of golden caster sugar
- 175 grams of softened butter
- 2 medium/large eggs
- 5 ripe pears
- 75 grams of chopped dark chocolate
- 2 tablespoons of apricot jam

1. Heat up the oven to 140ยบ and line a 20cm cake tin with a little spot of butter and greaseproof paper. 

2. In the most simplest words, combine everything! Weigh out the flour, sugar and butter into a large mixing bowl. Add the eggs and briefly stir together with a spatula or wooden spoon. Once these four ingredients start to form together, use an electric whisk to beat the air into the mixture. The batter should be pale and fluffy.

3.  Core the pears and slice 1-2 of the pears for decoration on top of the cake. Cut the rest of the fruit into small chunks. Apply the chopped pieces into the mixing bowl following the chunks of chopped chocolate.

4. With a spatula, fold the pear and chocolate into the bowl until evenly distributed. Covert the mixture into the cake tin and spread evenly. Apply the remaining slices of pear on top for decoration.

4. Place in the oven and bake for 50 - 60 minutes. Once cooled slightly, remove from tin ready for final preparation. Dollop a couple spoonfuls of apricot jam into a microwavable pot. Warm up slightly and apply a sticky coat with a pastry brush to glaze the pear and chocolate cake.

Devour a slice with your favourite cup of coffee.

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