Saturday, 14 May 2016

eleven till four.

Locations on show: Wetherspoons, TALK nightclub, Southend on Sea.
Camera used: Olympus XA2.
Film type: Agfa Vista 200.

I was never the type to spend the night in the basement of the sea front arcades, my lack of desire for a fake ID did not affect my social life during school. Upon my returns to my old home town, Southend, I have finally reached that opportunity of exploring the levels and darkness of nightlife by the sea. Sitting in booths at Wetherspoon's drinking woo-woo's by the litre, applying regular layers of MAC lipstick in the girls bathrooms, reassuring the new Louis Vuitton purse is zipped up securely. The worry and concern of reality is danced away, sometimes tears are shed or strong hugs are shared. By the end of the night none of those souls you danced closely against matter, with closed eyes the neon lights share patterns on my lids, alcohol links us all into the same state of fulfilment. But the most important value is sharing a box of chips with your friends in the car ride home.


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