Monday, 6 February 2017

polaroids taken by my old friend Rico, by the deer in Farnham park in the Winter of 2015.

My life is on a chapter far greater than any others shown on here in the past. I cannot fathom my own thoughts in a way to share what my 'now' is. My decision to close my blog is not even close to lack of passion, I have adorned every aspect of my posts on here. But the words and photographs I see on here are the ideas of a young teenage girl looking for her voice, searching for ambition. I believe I have found a new way of living that cannot be compromised to the story of 'Liberty Georgina'. Thank you to all my dear readers that took an interested in my creations and writings. I believe I started this blog when I was thirteen, despite my efforts to cling onto this archive of my life, this blog will remain. But I will be starting something new soon, I will be sure to add a link when the day comes by.